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Twenty-Two Indicted For Multi-State Prescription Drug Ring

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(Memphis) Twenty-two people who participated in an illegal prescription drug ring were charged Tuesday in a two-count federal indictment.

Each of the following individuals was charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute oxycodone and conspiracy to possess/distribute hydrocodone mixtures like “Lortab” and “Lorcet”:

Bradford Kelley, 30, of Walls, MS
Byron Kelley aka “Big B,” 32, of Olive Branch, MS
Bryan Kelley aka “Little B,” 33, of Memphis
Beverly Powell, 52, of Memphis
Jason Hopkins aka “J,” 33, of Memphis
Bryant Hopkins, 31, of Memphis

The other 16 individuals were charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute hydrocodone mixtures:

Tiffany Jones aka “TT,” 27, of Walls, MS
Gerron Powell aka “Snap,” 31, of Memphis
Joseph Hardrick, 30, of Memphis
Jeremy Bowden aka “Bubba,” 25, of Memphis
Randy Moss, 37, of Memphis
Mario Reed aka “Yo,” 29, of Memphis
Jerome Bell aka “Jerome Price,” 36, of Memphis
Hollie Hicks, 23, of Wynne, AR
Felicia Bryant, 35, address unknown
Chernette Wiggins, 24, of Memphis
Paige Hunara, 22, of Wynne, AR
Kanneccia Lewis aka “Klyanna Lewis,” 23, of Memphis
Shaniece Young, 24, of Memphis
Shana Scott aka “Re-Re,” 33, Memphis
Shakena Standard, 28, of Memphis
Shirley Ewing, 48, of Memphis

Oxycodone is a Schedule II controlled substance and hydrocodone mixtures are Schedule III controlled substances.