Union County Woman Among Nation’s Most Wanted

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(Oxford, MS) Janet and Ramon Barreto have been on the run since the 2008 death of their little girl due to neglect.

They even ran out on another child who went to jail for neglect in the toddler’s death.

From day one, Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards has hunted them down.

He says the couple’s addition to the U.S. Marshal’s 15 most wanted list marks the beginning of the end for the couple, ”I’m glad to see this. It’s a good day for me that they’ve been added to this list."

The couple, specifically Janet Barreto, is now listed among the most wanted criminals in the country.

Edwards has pursued them from Memphis to Mexico and California.

So far they’ve stayed one step ahead.

Not even an appearance on America’s Most Wanted has brought the couple to justice.

Their appearance on the program generated plenty of tips, but no arrests.

Now their placement on the Marshal’s list can bring new tools to bear.

”It involved out ability to make not only the public aware, but to be able to do some things with resources we haven’t been able to do thus far" explained U.S. Marshal Dennis Erby of the North Mississippi District.

The Marshal wouldn’t elaborate, but assures there’s a much better chance now of finding the couple.

”The child's death demands that they have a trial, that they face responsibility for what they’ve done” said District Attorney Ben Creekmore.

It would bring to a close an almost four year search for a couple with a lengthy record, who would abandon their own family and go deep undercover to save their own hides.

”You can’t go much deeper than they’ve been and they haven’t been caught yet,” said Sheriff Edwards, who insists this is the beginning of the end for Janet and Ramon Barreto.