Southaven Candidates Make Final Voter Pitch

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(Southaven, MS) All three Southaven Mayor candidates have been putting in overtime by meeting with voters ahead of Tuesday’s election.

Democrat Coria Williams says it’s been a mix of strategy.

”Yes, we have been doing it all," Williams said. "You name it, we have been doing it”.

Williams, a Democrat, has put forth a strong effort.

Republican Darren Musselwhite has kept a busy schedule too, and in an unusual move, embattled Mayor Greg Davis, who first said he wasn’t going to run, threw his hat in the ring as an independent.

It has been years since Southaven voters have had a choice between a Democrat, Republican and Independent. Candidates hope that translates into a good turnout.

All of the candidates stress the same issues, transparency, honesty and hard work.

Musselwhite says his business experience will help him lead Southaven.

”You gotta run the city, take car of the money and run if efficiently, just like a business, but absolutely, I’ll take the same qualities that made me successful in business and offer that to the people of Southaven," Musselwhite said.

Mayor Davis’s spending scandal and personal issues brought him a lot of negative attention, but he says through it all, he’s held his head high in a mark of good leadership.

He notes a recent Census report that Southaven now tops 50,000 residents as proof of his skills.

”I think that’s huge," he said. "I think that, you know, the last few years we’ve seen that growth but we kept our crime rates down, our taxes down and been able to keep up with providing services that we needed to”.

And Williams, a former member of the Memphis Police top brass, says her law enforcement experience gives her an edge.

”In today’s time, dealing with all the different problems we’re having throughout the country, I certainly think it’s given me the experience to handle those type problems," she said.

Candidates advise voters to check the back of their voter ID cards to make sure they show up at the right voting precinct.