Residents Hot Over Not Having AC

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(Memphis)  "It`s ridiculous, I`m miserable," says Larry Mattison, a resident at the Woodbridge Crossing Apartments in Memphis.

WREG made a visit after getting a complaint from another resident who says the complex doesn`t having working air and management won`t fix it.

"We've been here about four months now and the whole time, we haven`t had any air conditioning since I been here," explains Mattison.

Mattison says his family makes do with a window unit and fans. Still, you could see the beads of sweat on his face and by the end of our interview, and a thermometer we set up read roughly 82 degrees.

"This is actually a cool day and I`m sweating like this, so imagine when it`s 90 degrees outside."

A quick walk around the complex and you`ll see residents with doors open. Many don`t  have air conditioning units installed.

Antonio Morales told us, "She told me in April it would be the end of April, then she said it`s going to be the first of May."

We went to the management office. A woman sitting at the front refused to speak on camera. She says some of the complainers don't have legal electricity, and the owners won't install units at empty apartments because of theft.

The woman also claimed workers would be out by Monday afternoon to begin installation on several units.

At least two of the residents we met said they'd already called Code Enforcement to report the problems, but had not heard back.

Code Enforcement tells us it only has one recent record of a call from Woodbridge and that was in late December. It was resolved in January.

Regardless, that should be your first call if your landlord won't fix the air. In fact, Code Enforcement's Otis Tidwell says AC calls become a high priority when there's a heat advisory.

"If it's not working correctly, or properly, we will notify the owner, or responsible party based upon the heat conditions to repair that unit within a time frame of 48 hours," explains Tidwell.

If you do call Code, make sure to get a service number, which acts like a tracking number.

As for residents at Woodbridge, they say recent crime has them worried about keeping windows and doors open, but at this point, they have no choice.

"What choice do we have, sit in here and cook, or open the door," adds Mattison.

While the Landlord Tenant Act does not consider air conditioning an essential service, Tidwell says if air conditioning is installed and part of the amenities and it's not working, that's a code violation.

WREG called the management's corporate office and didn't get a response by air time. If you're having problems, call Code Enforcement at 901-636-7380.