Man Attacks Girlfriend, Two Men Attack Him

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(Memphis) A beaten and bloody mugshot shows just how much trouble Duiel Brooks got himself into.

Police say he threw his girlfriend out of her car Saturday. She told authorities it's because she wouldn't give him money to gamble.

Police say two men came to the woman's rescue and beat Brooks up. Authorities don't know who these men are, but some say they did the right thing.

His neighbors say Brooks is not the kind of person they'd expect to get beat-up and then thrown in jail, but that’s the story his mugshot tells.

“Yeah, he`s a very nice guy!” said a neighbor who didn’t want to show her face.

“Duiel? He`s a great person,” said neighbor Demarcus Neal.

“We are shocked,” said the woman.

“I am too,” said Neal.  “I am sitting here looking at his face on this picture!”

Police say Brooks was headed back from the casinos with his girlfriend at about 2 a.m. Saturday morning, when he allegedly demanded more money from her so he could go back to the casinos.

According to court records, the girlfriend told police, "He got angry and bit me on the right thumb and pushed me out of my truck into the middle of the street."

Police say she started calling for help at the intersection of South Third and Mitchell, and two men driving by heard her cries and stepped in to help.

“Some other guys came to her rescue and beat him up,” said reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Oh my God! I am shocked by that!” said his anonymous neighbor.

“They did good. They did good,” said Neal.

Neal is Brook’s neighbor and says he's known him for three years and likes him. Still, he believes no man should put their hands on a woman, saying “That’s wrong.”

He applauds the men who stepped-in.

“Whoever did that, you all did a great job!” he said.

After being beat-up, authorities took Brooks to the MED and then to 201 Poplar. He is charged with domestic assault.