Fire Chief Defends Firefighter Accused Of Stealing From Burning Home

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(Forrest City, AR) Fire chief Johnny Ruffin just refuses to hear it.  One of the first firefighters at this home on Laney drive is now accused of stealing from the homeowner.  Money, jewelry, and flat screen TV's were all reported stolen.

“Myself being here 30 years with this dept. never had anything like this come out”, said Ruffin.

Frank Ferrell, the actual firefighter accused of stealing, didn't want to talk on camera. He said he would never do such a thing. His chief vouched for him and so did Mary Bridewell, a woman who also had a fire recently, and had Frank Ferrell inside her home.

“We had money, laying up, some cash money and it was there”, said Bridewell.

The homeowner is a recent fire had a different experience according to his complaint with Forrest City Police.

“We just want to get to the bottom of things so that if there is some injustice, that justice is served”, said E P Reynolds, Forrest City’s Police Chief.

The fire in question happened last week, and 24 hours later it caught fire again, that time investigators said it was awesome.