Family of Home Invasion Suspect Tells Different Story

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(Memphis) - Shock and disbelief from a Memphis family whose son was killed by a homeowner. Police say Rashawn Calvin broke into the home in the southeast part of town and the owner was protecting his family and won't be charged.

“I want answers,” Geraldine Calvin said.

Hearing her son Rashawn Calvin, 19, is accused of a home invasion baffles her.

She says her son knew the homeowner for years working for his company.

She says he gave him keys to the company car and a code to get into his house to drop off supplies when he wasn’t there.

So she says he didn't break into the home Saturday night, but used that code.

The homeowner had a different story. He told investigators Rashawn was a former employee.

His mother says that isn’t true.

“When they can’t contact him they call my phone you need to wake Rashawn up. This is every day especially the last few days,” she said.

So, she believes something else happened that night when Rashawn went to the house on Jonesy Lane with his friend, who also worked for the company.

“Now he's dead and he can't talk for himself,” she said.

She said her son was shot 5 times, including in the side of his head.

She said her son wasn't armed and doesn’t have a criminal record.

“Something is covered up,” she said.

Rashawn’s father a 30 year veteran Memphis firefighter wishes he had told his son to refuse having a code.

“Years I’ve helped people's kids and I couldn't help my own,” Eddie Calvin said.

He says whatever ends up coming to light about that night, nothing brings back his son back.

“I have to bury my son this week. I loved my son he was a good boy.”

The homeowner’s son declined an interview with WREG.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said it could not comment on the information the family gave News Channel 3 because it is an ongoing investigation.