Homeowner Foils Apparent Home Invasion

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(Southeast Shelby County) It happened in the 44-hundred block of Jonesy and started just before 9pm Saturday night in the normally calm and quiet subdivision off Shelby Drive near Hack’s cross.

Quincy Brown, who’d lived in this neighborhood for years said the parade of blue lights and sirens on his street came as a real shock, “Nothing like this ever happened before. This was a sight to see.”

Investigators say two men broke into a home here, startling the homeowner, who grabbed a gun and took action.

“He shot one of the suspects several times. That suspect was airlifted to The Med in extremely critical condition. Other family members were able to subdue the suspect and hold him until officers arrived”, said Chip Washington of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department.

The suspect who got shot is reportedly in critical condition at The Med, while Sheriff’s Deputies question his apparent accomplice.

In this neighborhood with lots of homes owned by law officers and firefighters, everyone always had a feeling of security.

Neighbors say, thanks of a brave homeowner, that security is still here, even though most say they’ll keep looking over their shoulders.

“I think that’s right. You have to defend and take care of your family. So, if you come in, you have to be ready to pay the price” Said Brown.