Deputy shot, suspect killed in South Memphis

Updated: Accused Burglar Shot by Homeowner Dies

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(Shelby County, TN) An accused burglar shot by a homeowner has died at The Med.

Deputies say 20-year-old Rashawn Calvin tried to break into a house Saturday night on Jonesy in Southeast Shelby County.

Once inside, the homeowner shot him several times, including once in the head.

The homeowner, who was inside with his son, will not face any charges.

“The homeowner does not face any charges because he was protecting himself, his family and his home,” said Washington.

Deputies say Calvin was not armed when he entered the house, but a weapon was later found inside his car. Deputies say he did not know the homeowner was inside when he entered the house.

The homeowner and Calvin knew each other. Calvin used to work for him in his moon bounce business.

Calvin did not show up to the home alone. Another man was waiting  in a car.

He will not be charged in the case. Deputies say he didn't know Calvin was going to burglarize the place when he went inside.

The sheriff's office says it hopes this sends a message to crooks.

“When you enter into a home illegally or forcibly, you don't know what's waiting for you on the other side either,” advised spokesman Chip Washington.

Washington says, in general, if you believe there is suspicious activity going on in or around your home, call for help.

In this case, the homeowner didn't think he had time and did what felt he needed to do.

“I don't want people to feel like we live in a police state but at the same time we all do have a right to protect ourselves and our belongings. Fortunately no one else was hurt in this situation,” said Washington.

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