Fire Union Says City Hall Treating Them Like Plantation Days

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(Memphis) Tonight there is tough talk from Memphis firefighters over proposed cuts to their benefits and pay.

The police union fired the first shot at city hall now the association representing firefighters is ranting on YouTube and laying out their cause.

Memphis Fire Fighters Association President Thomas Malone ranted in the video, “I guess they want the plantation mentality. ‘68 and ‘78 obviously meant nothing to these people.”

Malone is urging fire fighters and the public to turn out for Tuesday's city council meeting.

He wants to send Mayor Wharton's administration and council members a message about cuts to their insurance, pay, vacation time or other incentives.

Malone said, “We give immediate care, pre-hospital care, we protect all of their belongings yet nobody doesn't give a damn anymore.”

Earlier this week Memphis CAO George Little said cuts have to be made somewhere, “We gotta get on the same course. We can't do it from fear. It can be from scare tactics.”

Mayor A C Wharton agrees and says if the city cuts now we’ll all live better in the future, “If we're on a sound financial footing both present and in the years to come, the jobs will be taken care of, services will be delivered.”

However, the union says the cuts are too deep.

In the video Malone holds up a copy of their salary and benefit package and tells fire fighters they cannot live with these cuts.

This is latest stab at the administration from those who work in city emergency services.

The Memphis Police Association put up billboards that said “Enter at your own risk. The city doesn’t support public safety”. The fire union is speaking out now.

Malone said, “We must show these people that we mean business. We're tired of being the rug that they walk on.”

Malone is urging the public and firefighters to attend the scheduled 2:00pm meeting at city hall on Tuesday, June 4th.