Updated: Powerful Storm Damages Homes, Downs Trees And Power Lines In Tipton Co.

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(Tipton Co., TN) A frightening wake-up call Friday morning for some people in Tipton County.

A devastating  storm with powerful winds destroyed one house and left a trail of downed trees and power lines.

The National Weather Service confirms it was an EF1 tornado that caused the destruction.

Tony Cromwell says the storm woke he and his wife Friday morning.

"It sounded like hail hitting the house. And we heard debris hitting the house and a loud wind. And all the glass broke out of the house. Popin', crackin' and you could hear the trees."

His house on Mt. Lebanon Road is considered a total loss.

He and his wife escaped but he worried about his daughter and two grandchildren living directly across the road.

Their mobile home was only slightly damaged but the whole experience left Calli Mathis shaken,

"My momma heard a loud sound and she hollered at us and we got in the hall. Then we looked out the window and 'oh my gosh."

Mt.Lebanon Road appeared to be "ground zero" for the powerful storm with large grain bins crumpled like soda cans and power lines and tree limbs scattered about,

{***It was roarin' now. It sounded like an old train coming through."

Half a mile away at Bo Mcclain's house,  the storm showed no respect for "Old Glory", leaving the flag and flagpole twisted like a pretzel.

High winds shattered his windows, ripped off shingles and trashed his storage shed.

McClain just recently had knee surgery and felt helpless to the storms' furry,

"Just sit on the couch and hang on is the only thing we could do, cause it was already on us. So the only thing we could do is sit there and pray that we was going to ride it out."

Compared to others Dolphus Forrester and his daughter Kris considered themselves lucky,

"And it blew my fence part of the way down."

Dolphus is a preacher who relies on his faith when storm clouds gather,

"I always think about the Lord, I always call on the Lord. Cause he's the one who can take care of you."

No injuries were reported in Friday's storm and utility crews are still working to restore power to the area affected.