Funny Money Used in Drug Deal with Undercover Agents

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(Memphis) - At first glance it looks like a large wad of cash, but investigators say there was only one real bill in the bunch, the rest was newspaper.

“You can tell they have worn the edges just right not sure what they used,” Drug Task Force Agent David Lytal said.

Agent Lytal said Georglvekio Hampton, Shawn Washington and Tario Jordan tried to pass it off as real money in a drug deal set up by undercover agents this week.

The agents says they told the trio they would sell them cocaine for $29,000 a kilo.

“Right now in Memphis they`re paying $33,000- $35,000 per kilo,” Agent Lytal said.

So when they met up at a Cordova hotel, investigators say the men brought nearly $90,000 of this newspaper money to get three kilos of cocaine.

“The plan was they were going to rob us for the drugs,” Lytal said.

Investigators say the men arrived at the hotel armed. Within moments agents surrounded the place.

“They threw the bag in the air most of it is now broken up into pieces,” he said.

While two of the men were arrested for conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery, among other charges, Tario Jordan remains on the run.

The Drug Task Force says this is type of drug deal is pretty common.

“If you rob someone committing some type of crime, they’re not very likely to go to police.”

In this case the drug dealers were police.