River’s Rise Litters Downtown Park

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(Memphis) The rise and fall of the Mississippi River is leaving a mess behind in a popular downtown Memphis park.

The Mississippi River is at 18 feet today.

It's down about a foot-and-a half and is forecast to continue to fall.

The Wolf River Harbor along Mud Island always draws lots of visitors, some are local some are not.

It’s a perfect back drop for that work-out or for playing with the dog but Josh McCurdy says watch where you walk, “A lot of people have been coming here and kind of cleaning it all. It used to be spread out all through here. It kind of puts a little runt in our running path here.“

The dangerous debris is logs and limbs too heavy for most people to move.

Some limbs are as big as some trees.

They floated out of the river.

It’s been there for two weeks now and some say it’s time to put their tax dollars to work.

“I would have thought it would have been cleaned up by now. I don't know who is in charge of that. I'm kind of new here living out here,” said McCurdy.

The City of Memphis says it’s the Riverfront Development Corporation’s job to clean up the mess.

The Riverfront Development Corporation says it’s taking a while to clean this river trash because the ground isn’t dry enough to handle the equipment it needs.

Kent Ivins told us, “This time looks like it's taking a little bit longer but they mowed it. It still looks good. It's going to take a lot of manpower and a lot of money to do this. They'll get to it. It doesn't have to be today. It's still a beautiful park. We're good.”

Ivins is taking it all in stride.

The high water left a lot of trash but the bright spot is at least the water is gone for now.

Memphis City Beautiful plans a volunteer clean up June 8th from 8am to 10am.

Volunteers are urged to bring gloves and leave the sandals and flip-flops at home.

The Cobblestone Landing on Riverside Drive will be the meeting place.