Blytheville, AR Red Cross Chapter In Need Of Bottled Water

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(Blytheville, AR) An Arkansas community answers the call to help out the Red Cross with bottled water.

Blytheville's Red Cross chapter discovered its bottled water supply was nearly used up.

So the Mississippi County 4-H program started a drive to help,

No one is too small to help out the Blytheville chapter of the Red Cross, especially when the organization puts out a call for help.

Members of the Mississippi County Arkansas 4-H program have taken the lead in replenishing the chapter's water supply, which is close to running out.

Red Cross volunteer Chuck Tice says water is the gift of life in a disaster, "It's important to everybody. You have to have water, we all have to have water. And especially when you're out trying to fix your house up after a tornado or a flood. You got to have a lot of bottled water. And that's what we supply."

An unusual number of storms, tornadoes, floods, and fires have put a drain on disaster relief supplies.

So  4-H members like Hannah Yoste answered their call for help, "I do know that the water will be going to people who need it."

Businesses like Hays Grocery in Blytheville are doing their part as well.

Hays donated 20-cases of bottled water because, Manager Tim Russell says, the Red Cross is always there when needed, "You don't know what you're going to need until disaster happens. So if you're able to contribute to help someone else this time, it may be you in need the next time."

Thursday donations were piled high at the Red Cross chapter office in Blytheville.

But 4-H volunteer leader Pat Lendennie says it's just a drop in the bucket to what the  enthusiastic youngsters are planning to accomplish, "This is a perfect project for the 4-H kids because they always like to get involved in the community and help out. And this is something they could do."

Member of the 4-H chapter will be collecting bottled water throughout the summer.

Youngsters planning to attend 4-H summer camp can donate a case of water instead of paying a registration fee.

You can drop off a case or more of bottled water at the Red Cross office in Blytheville or the office of the Mississippi County Extension Service.