Man Arrested After Leaving Inmate ID At Crime Scene

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Update 5/30/2013- Reginald Harris has been arrested by MPD. He is being held on $40,000 bond and is charged with aggravated robbery.

(Memphis) - A prison photo ID card could help police find who’s responsible in a violent armed robbery in East Memphis.

The robbery happened on West Cherry Circle Tuesday night around 9 p.m.

“First thing I knew somebody slammed me up against the garbage cans and grabbed me by my wrists from behind.”

This mother of three who was too afraid to be identified, tells News Channel Three at 9 p.m. two men were hiding in the driveway of her parent’s home in the affluent Belle Meade neighborhood in East Memphis Tuesday.

She said when she got out of her car, she went over to the trash can, and they attacked.

“There were two men and they were waving a gun and they demanded everything I had. Purse. Jewelry."

After she was robbed she says they threatened to rape her, even tearing her dress.

“I screamed as loud as I could and ran to my parent’s back door which was thankfully unlocked,” she said.

The suspects ran away, but police say they may have left a clue behind, a wallet in the yard.

It contained a prison ID card for Reginald Harris. We learned he is on earned supervised release from a Mississippi prison. He just served time for armed robbery and was set to be off probation in a week.

Police are now calling him a person of interest in this case.

Meanwhile, the victim offers this advice to others.

”I would encourage everyone to be really careful it’s not necessarily a car that pulls in behind you. You should have your home lit and you should look out before you get out of your car even at home.”

She also thanked police for their quick response in this case.