East Memphis Man Robbed in Front Yard

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(Memphis) “I’m just thankful,” were the words of an East Memphis man who was robbed at gun point while doing work in his yard Tuesday.

The robbery happened just after noon near Perkins and Mallory.

The victim asked to have his identity concealed as police look for the last of four suspects in the case.

The victim saw the suspects walking down the street. “I just saw them coming up the street and I waved and said Hi.”

According to the police report, just seconds later the suspects tapped the victim on the shoulder, brandished a silver pistol and demanded his phone and wallet.

“They came up behind me and I thought they’d walk by,” said the victim.

Police have arrested and charged Marquice Smith, Erin Tunstall and Devonte Jones in the case.

MPD said they used they traced the victim's iPhone to a house 2.5 miles away where they found the suspects.

Neighbors call the crime bold.

“We pay extra for this house because the crime rate is low in this area. So I never would’ve thought that would happen, especially in broad daylight,” said neighbor Eric Griffin.

Despite the robbery, the victim said he is thankful he wasn’t hurt or killed.

He would like to meet the suspects and help them turn their lives around.

He wants everyone to learn from his story.

“I just think I will be more aware and be a little bit more smart about working with my headphones on in the yard and make sure I’m aware of who is around.”