Using Social Media to Revolutionize Giving

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(Memphis) Most people see a need in their community and want to help their neighbor, but they`re not sure how.

An organization is coming to Memphis to help you change that, and in some cases, it will only take the click of a mouse.

Beremdy is revolutionizing the way you give.

It's an online charity that takes advantage of sites like Facebook and twitter to spread people`s needs in their community.

When you sign, up you will get an email alert or social media post telling you which neighborhood needs your help.

The website is testing its online charity format in Atlanta and Oregon.

They`ve found thousands of people are being helped simply by identifying the need.

“It`s a really simple concept. I believe that you would help your neighbor if you knew they needed something. You just don`t know they need it,” said beremedy founder Blake Canterbury.

Canterbury and his organization will expand across the nation in a few months, but you can sign up now.

The concept is very simple and is proven to work.

It all started when a neighborhood in Atlanta was flooded and beremedy collected thousands of diapers for families who had been washed out.

“The idea of what would my city look like with 50,000 people getting a message at the same time of an urgent need. Surely we have the resources in our city to meet the need of that city,” said Canterbury. goes into the community and has established non-profit organizations that send them legitimate needs which they relay to you.

Requests could be a refrigerator for a single mom or clothes for a middle school boy who`s house has burned down.

Cedrick Hardrick thinks it`s a great idea and would love to be a part of the program in Memphis.

“It`s more effective and more expedient as well. I think it`s one of the best ways to go,” said Hardrick.

Canterbury says the idea is to make it as easy as possible to help your neighbor so more people will do it.

The organization collected over $30,000 to go national and will be available in Memphis this fall.

To learn more about the organization go to their website

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