Alderman Candidate May Request New Election in Horn Lake

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(Horn Lake, MS)     Toi Logan's been trying to get city leaders to clean a drainage ditch in her back yard for years with no luck.   Last Tuesday on Election Day she had the chance to put someone new in to help.

You remember the storm which swallowed up roads and left DeSoto County underwater?  Barbara Gunn lost that day by only twenty-two votes -- she wants a new election

“A lot of roads were closed, people getting off from work, I had a lot of emails, ‘I couldn't get out of my driveway’”, said Gunn.

The Republican party puts on the primary they say, sorry, election's over.  So, Gunn’s taking it to the state and she might not been the only one.

Rain fell in Southaven that night too, making for close elections affecting people like Alderman Ronnie Hale.

“The idea is to let everybody vote and if there weren't people who weren't able to vote I think we should take a look at it”, said Hale.

A new election, means next weeks’ runoff could get tossed out too. It’s so much trouble, but shouldn't  people like Toi Logan get a shot to finally elect someone to  fix her drainage issues.