Kid Badly Beaten in Mob-Style Attack

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(Memphis) A South Memphis child is recovering after being the victim of a brutal attack while leaving a skating rink. His alleged attackers are still on the streets.

Laquita Campbell whipped up a classic breakfast for her family Sunday. But for her son Tevin, she had to blend the scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon. It is the only way Tevin can eat.

I can’t open my teeth,” said Tevin Campbell through a clenched mouth.

The 12-year-old is the victim of a brutal mob beating that left his jaw broken.

“What does it feel like to have your jaw wired shut?” asked News Channel 3.

“Bad, I can’t eat the stuff I want. I can’t do the stuff I want. I can’t play football,” said Tevin Campbell.

One night earlier this month, Tevin and his friends were leaving the Crystal Palace Skating Rink on South Third, on their way to call for a ride home. He says a group of about 8 guys came up to him.

“He said ‘don’t I know you?'” recalled Tevin Campbell.

They were teens, some adults.

“They were hitting me. One dude tripped me. I fell to the ground. One started stomping me,” said Tevin Campbell.

Tevin tried to block the hits, but the beating in the parking lot was so severe he was rushed to the hospital. Rescuers called his mom on the way.

“I saw my baby lying in the bed, face swell. His mouth looked twisted,” said Laquita Campbell.

Tevin says he never saw the group of guys before, but the family was told they were members of the Grape Street Crips. Laquita believes their only mission was to hurt her son. They also took off with five dollars.

“Parents should not have to worry about their child going somewhere for children,” expressed Laquita Campbell.

Tevin says he heard one of his attackers call out the name of another attacker during the whole thing. He gave that name to police, but so far no arrests have been made.

“Will you ever allow any of your children to go back to that skating again?” asked News Channel 3.

“No. From what I hear it’s too much going on,” said Laquita Campbell.

The mom says she’s not allowing any of her four kids to go anywhere. With the attackers still on the streets, she’s just too frightened.

“They were wrong for doing it. I didn’t do anything to them,” said Tevin Campbell.

Tevin wasn’t the only kid attacked. The family says there were several others that night. The victims didn’t know each other. News Channel 3 found 2 other police reports backing that up.