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Watch: Southaven Mayoral Debate

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(WREG-TV) As a public service, WREG News Channel 3 held a debate for the candidates seeking the office of Mayor of Southaven.

Taking part were Democrat Coria Williams and Independent, and current mayor, Greg Davis.

Republican Darren Musselwhite declined our invitation which was extended a month ago.

Mr. Musselwhite said the date of the debate was too close to the runoff election, which he won Tuesday.

We wanted to have the debate before absentee voting which starts Saturday.

That left us Thursday or Friday. We chose Thursday since many people will begin their Memorial Day weekend Friday.

We plan to focus on issues of relevance to the voters of Southaven, regarding the Office of Mayor and the professional business of the City.

Mr. Musselwhite has known about this debate for more than a month. That is sufficient time to prepare, given that he’s been campaigning for longer than that.