Southaven Mayoral Candidates Debate Issues

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(Memphis) Two of the three candidates for Southaven Mayor went head to head in a debate hosted by WREG.

Current Mayor Greg Davis and Democratic challenger Coria Williams faced off on everything from crime, to the economy, to Davis' ongoing legal troubles.

It was a battle between a seasoned politician asking voters for a 5th term and a retired police officer asking them to take a chance on something new.

"I've done everything from ride on the back of garbage trucks in July to helping out with wrecks and flooding issues and tornadoes," Davis said.

"I am trying to offer them a choice," Williams countered.

Part of the debate focused on Davis' legal troubles.

He's accused of using city money to bankroll personal trips and dinners.

Davis says he was spending money to make money, by attracting businesses to the area.

"I feel certain, when the state has rested their case, when all is said and done, people will see that when it comes to tourism dollars, it was money well spent," Davis said.

"I know from my experience to build a case, you have to have some facts," Williams said. "I feel like the financial problems are real. They need to be dealt with."

Republican candidate Darren Musselwhite was missing from the debate.

He refused to participate, despite getting an invitation a month ago.

"I think back over my career, during my tenure with the police department, I never had the opportunity to not show up," Williams said.

"I think it is crucial that voters see where individuals stand on issues," Davis said. "As a mayor, you don't get the luxury to sit back and wait to make a decision."