Some Say Stray Dogs Have Little Hope At Memphis Shelter

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(Memphis) Memphis animal advocates are outraged over the euthanization of a stray dog.

They say the policies at Memphis Animal Services need to change because right now, stray dogs have little hope of getting adopted.

If you ever lose your dog, you can tour the stray area at the shelter to look for it.

But other than that, stays are off-limits for potential adopters.

“She's got the black and white face,” said Jan Courtney, an animal advocate.

It's a dog without a name that some say never had a chance.

“And that's wrong,” said Courtney.

Memphis Animal Services put down the dog Thursday morning.

Her time at the shelter was up.

“She came in on May 16, according to her intake card, and her review date was yesterday, May 22,” said Courtney.

Courtney says no potential adopter ever got to see her because the dog was put in the area for strays.

Visitors to the shelter get to browse dogs in the healthy hold area and adoption room, but the room for strays is off-limits.

Our cameras weren't even allowed there.

James Rogers has been interim-MAS Administrator for more than a year,  “Because of behavior, because of injury, because of disease it’s sent to stray."

Rogers says he would save every dog if he could, but he can't.

The shelter can hold up to 330 animals.

With up to 60 coming in a day, some of them have to go.

“In order to feed, house, water all the animals that are left uncared for in this city,” said Rogers.

“Excuses, excuses, excuses,” said Courtney.

Jan says she just wants to see dogs, like the one put to sleep, have a chance, “There are empty cages. Put these dogs in areas, make them more accessible to the public.  Don’t just stick them away in a kennel somewhere.”

Rogers says the stray policy has always been in place, but animal advocates say they remember a time when you could browse the stray area.

They recall that being about three years ago.