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Thieves Take Off With Monster Truck

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(Memphis) A monster truck stolen from a Raleigh business is back where it belongs.

It's hard to imagine anyone would think they could get away with stealing something the size of the truck.

It's so big, he tow truck that brought it back to the owners, had to be modified to hold it.

The Suburban weighs nearly 5 tons and is covered in neon paint.

It’s hard to miss and usually parked in front of Dynospeed Racing on Pleasant View Road.

The truck acts as a moving billboard for the shop.

People often stop by to take pictures with it.

“How could you steal this and think no one is going to notice it? You can`t drive it anywhere without anyone making a comment about it,” said Hunter Dorris with Dynospeed Racing.

A Dynospeed customer noticed a regular sized pick-up truck lugging the monster suburban down the street around three in the morning.

The customer thought it was sketchy and captured the whole thing on cell phone video.

Dynospeed put the video on Facebook.

“Power of social media. People called us and told us who did it,” said Dorris.

They also got a call letting them know their truck was abandoned in a field near Lamar and Getwell with thousands of dollars worth of damage.

“The whole vehicle is wrapped for advertising. Every window that had that advertising, they broke that out,” said Josh Elam with Dynospeed Racing.

The thieves didn’t take anything from the truck.

Dynospeed`s thankful for the power of cell phone video, social media and to everyone who spoke up.

“Everybody works hard for the things we have. For people to just lollygag through life and steal, it sucks."

Police are still investigating.

The man who people claim stole the truck hasn`t been arrested.

The folks at Dynsopeed hope whomever is responsible is off the streets of Memphis soon.

“It’s just stupid,” said Dorris.