Majority New Board Slated For Southaven

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(Southaven, MS) Fresh off his runoff win Tuesday night, Southaven Alderman candidate Joel Gallagher says he’s ready for the homestretch of the campaign.

He aims to make sure voters no, he’s no rubber stamp ”I do plan to be a guy that questions a lot and I think that’s what the people of Southaven want”.

He’ll face Democrat Arthur McLaurin in the general election, and says no matter what, Southaven’s going to have a new day in city politics.

”We owe it to the citizens of Southaven to go through these things line by line and look at each and every expense”.

Make no mistake, the new board of Aldermen here will have a very different look.

2 aldermen from the so-called “Greg Davis” board will remain, William Brooks and George Payne. The rest of the board will be totally new.

And most of those new faces say they’ll hit the ground running, but one of the outgoing Alderman cautions, that’s easier said than done.

”The hardest thing for ‘em in the beginning’s gonna be to realize that being an Alderman and being a candidate is two different things” said Alderman Ronnie Hale.

He says many will learn change doesn’t come easy or quick. Most say they’ll revisit the senior citizen center project, but vow not to overspend.

As for those leaving office, Ronnie Hale says we’ll hear his name again ”Oh no, we haven’t seen the last of Ronnie, yet”.