Whitehaven Road Turned into River During Rains

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(Memphis) Butterworth Road turned into a small river Tuesday afternoon.

Trash cans and mailboxes were submerged in water.

Gloria Williams had to wade through knee deep water just to get to her Whitehaven home.

“I might as well live in a river,” Williams said.

She's prepared this time for the flood. In March, 12 inches of water flooded into her home.

She says when there are heavy rains a nearby creek spills over onto her street and into her house.

“I lost about 75 pairs of shoes in the first flood so I’ve taken the shoes and put them on the bed and I’ve cleared out the closets,” she said.

It’s a new problem for her old home. She's lived here 30 years and the creek has never been an issue until recently.

“Public works did nothing to make it not happen again,” she said.

Her neighbors are fed up too.

“You can’t sleep at night really. It starts raining and you know it doesn't stop, then after awhile you may see water under your door. It’s very upsetting,” Mildred Wells-Dunn said.

But she can rest easy tonight. Before dark, the waters started to recede. William’s home was spared.

She and others who live here hope the city will make sure this is the last time these homes are considered waterfront property.

They plan on going to City Council to ask them to fix the creek problem.