Dozens Of Cases Of Stolen Liquor Found In St. Francis Co., AR

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(St. Francis Co., AR ) It's something you'd expect to see about 100 years ago during prohibition.

Dozens of cases of liquor were discovered behind an abandoned house north of Forrest City, Arkansas.

Now neighbors and investigators are trying to figure out how the booze got there.

Between 60 and 70 cases of liquor were found behind a vacant house on County Road 245.

No one knows how much the stash is worth.

Lafayette Twillie is part owner of the property, "I don't have a clue why it was there. I have no idea whatsoever."

Twillie is also minister of the Mount Harmony Church of Deliverance less than a hundred yards from where the liquor was found.

He says his family was in the process of cleaning up the property, "It was a vacant house. And they figured that it could sit there and it wouldn't be detected. But they didn't know they were coming to clean it up."

Deputies with the St. Francis County Sheriff's Department assisted investigators from Memphis and Shelby County and federal agents may have also been there.

But no one is providing any information on how or why the booze showed up in this rural part of St. Francis County.

Amanda Douglas lives on County Road 245 near the community of Colt, "it's always real quiet. I mean we don't hardly have no traffic, just the normal people coming up and down the road. And you've seen what, two people since you've been here?"

And Patty Kennedy says there's just no telling what strange thing will happen next, "I'm kind of surprised. I'm used to cats and dogs being dropped off in the neighborhood but not alcohol."

St. Francis County investigators tell us no one has been arrested in connection with the stolen liquor and there are no suspects.