Search For Sidney Nicole Randall Ends After Teen’s Body Found

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(Walnut Ridge, AR) The search is over for a 14-year old Walnut Ridge, Arkansas girl, missing since March 9th.

The body of Sidney Nicole Randall was found Saturday afternoon in the Black River near Old Davidsonville State Park.

The park is within 15-miles of her home,  where she was last seen.

Since then, hundreds of volunteers looked for the girl, hoping against all odds to find her alive.

One one of them was Thomas Ewald,

"I just wish she could have been found alive."

He is saddened the teenager's body was found Saturday in the Black River northwest of Walnut Ridge,

"It upsets me that something like that would happen to a young kid."

Randalls' body, caught in a tree, was spotted by a fisherman about a mile and half south of the boat ramp at Old Davidsonville State Park.

Lawrence County Sheriff Jody Dotson says, in the 10-weeks since Sidney disappeared, teams searched that part of the river several times,

"With dogs, with people on foot, people in boats, everything else. But the Black River is notorious for, you know,  when it gets somebody in it not to surface for quite some time."

Sidney was last seen March 9th.  Investigators say her stepfather John Cornell abducted her, killed her,  then shot himself.

Sheriff Dotson says hundreds of people volunteered to look for the girl,

"Out on foot, in boats, horseback, people brought helicopters, airplanes. I mean we just had a tremendous turnout."

Monday morning members of Sidney's family were making funeral arraignments and did not want to talk on camera.

Sidney's mother never gave up her hope of finding her daughter and people in Walnut Ridge say now,  Sidney is finally back home.

Kathy Blair is a clerk at the local Flash-Market,

"It was very sad that she became missing and it's really sadder that they found her in the river. But at least they did find her and now they can put her to rest."

At a press conference Monday afternoon Police in Walnut Ridge confirmed the girl had been found,  but did not give details on how she died.