Meet Button And Bridgett They Need Permanent Homes Together!

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We have a pair of Furry Friends, for you to meet today.

This is Button and Bridgett and right now they live at the House of Mews in Cooper Young.

They had been adopted.

But a family emergency forced them to be turned back over to the House of Mews.

So, they're looking for a permanent home together!  Button and Bridgett are a "bonded pair" and would do best if they're adopted by the same person.

Both cats are loving and sweet and enjoy being petted.

Bridgett even likes to sit on your lap and sleep with you!  If you think they're right for your family, give the House of Mews a call at901-272-3777.

The House of Mews also needs volunteers!  They're specifically looking for people who can volunteer weekday mornings from 7 to 9 feeding the cats, cleaning their cages and getting the adoption center ready to open.

  • House of Mews
  • 933 S, Cooper Street
  • Memphis, TN
  • Call 901-272-3777
  • Email: