Grizzlies Play-Off Tickets Sold Out in Hours

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(Memphis) Grizzlies tickets games three and four at the FedEx Forum went on sale Saturday, and sold out in a couple of hours.

Now, fans can only purchase tickets for this series of the play-offs, if they buy season tickets for next year. Early Saturday, the line wrapped around the Forum.

“Got here at 3:15 in the morning,” said Jacob Elliot. He and hundreds of others weren’t able to buy tickets until noon.

Wayne Beech says the Grizzlies making it to the western Conference finals for the first time ever, is more than just a few games.

“It’s my hometown. I want to see us flourish and get on that championship level,” said Beech.

“It’s awesome I met a lot of Grizz fans, a lot of people who share my same passion for the Grizz, it’s love,” said Kerry Morgan.

So much love that the Grizzlies staff says fans have sold out 15 straight home play-off games.

“They are big basketball fans. They want to be part of this game. They know these tickets are going to sell out fast,” said John Pugliese.

To give fans a fair shot, ticket sales are limited this play-off series between the Grizzlies and the San Antonio Spurs. You can only buy 6 tickets per person per game.

“We don’t want all the tickets going to scalpers in different groups. We want to help our fans be able to get into the arena and make sure everyone has that experience,” said John Pugliese

It’s an experience that has fans paying 40 bucks for the seats at the top of the forum to hundreds of dollars right up in the action.

“How much money have you shelled out so far?” asked News Channel 3.

“I don’t know a lot, too much but it’s worth it,” said Jacob Elliott.

Fans that stood in line competed with season ticket holders who started buying their tickets at 10 am. By noon, many tickets were already sold out.