Memphis’ Biggest Cheerleader Part Owner of Troubled Beale Club

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(Memphis) Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau President Kevin Kane is one of three owners of now closed Club 152.

Kane spoke to us by telephone and said he doesn't condone what undercover cops say they discovered inside the club, but the establishment is really just an investment for him.

His main job is being the city's cheerleader encouraging visitors to make the trip here to Memphis.

Now, the man paid to bring people to the city is associated with a night club where four security guards and a hostess are accused of selling drugs to undercover officers.

Kane explained he is more of a silent investor.

Attorney Ted Hansom is representing Club 152, "He doesn't tell people he's got interest in 152."

Hansom is working to help owners re-open the club.

He explains Kane's focus is on selling the city and not his side investment portfolio.

Hansom also says there is no conflict that Kane works for the CVB and owns tourist oriented businesses, "He doesn't steer business to them. He brings people into the city to spend money. Whether or not it's at 152."

He added, "It's just an investment he's made and entitled to make. Now, if he were to try and use that position, surely that would be a conflict but I don't know the first allegation that Kevin has done anything in appropriate."

Kane says his investment group will comply with the judge's order and do what is needed to re-open.