Man Stomps Pregnant Woman

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(Memphis) A man is in jail for beating up his pregnant girlfriend.

Police say what's worse is that he stomped on her stomach!

Even more startling, domestic violence experts say what happened is not uncommon at all.

When police arrested Robert Smith, they say he had heroin ready to shoot and sell.

But officers weren't called to North Memphis for that.

They say Smith hit his pregnant girlfriend, pushed her to the ground and stomped on her stomach.

The woman is 8 weeks pregnant and had to be rushed toThe MED.

No word on how her baby is doing.

“Women are sixty percent more likely to be abused when they are pregnant,” said Elizabeth Shelley, the community education director for YMCA Abused Women Services.

It's a startling statistic that Shelley says women in violent situations should know, “Most victims should know that it is not going to get better. It`s not going to get better after the baby`s born.”

Shelley says some theories suggest abusers get more violent when their victim gets pregnant because it takes attention away from them, “The abuser usually likes to be the center of attention. They like to have power and control over everything and it does take that away.”

Shelley says if you're a victim of domestic violence and get pregnant, it may be time to call for help because she says what happened allegedly at the hands of Robert Smith is not uncommon, “One in three women are abused."

Smith has been charged with selling drugs and domestic assault.

If you or someone is affected by domestic violence, call the YMCA Crisis hotline at 901-725-4277.