Judge Steps In, Questioning Witnesses in Davis Trial

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(Jackson, MS) Judge Dwayne Thomas didn't start court until Wednesday afternoon due to another docket he had to hear.
Thomas stated today the lawyers are wasting time but he has nothing but time.  He said it's clear to him no matter what he says this issue won't get decided here. He has stated the case will likely head to the Supreme Court.
Thomas took an unusual step and started questioning the witnesses himself.  wanting specific information from city clerk regarding why receipts were not demanded.
"It was a practice that was in place when I arrived", said Sheila Heath, Southaven's City Clerk.
Also on the stand today,  the mayor's Executive Assistant Kristi Faulkner, she admitted she made a fake document at the mayor's request.
But Faulkner explained the document was made because Davis needed a check immediately to pay for counseling in Arizona and didn't have a working fax machine to send one.
He asked her to make the invoice, get a check cut immediately, and overnight it to Arizona.
Davis' attorney Michael Hileman dismissed all of the evidence of misspending and asked the Faulkner what she thought of the matter.
"Greg Davis was not trying to pull wool over anyone's eyes" he stated.
"No", replied Faulkner.