Does This Cleaner Really Remove Armpit Stains?

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Ty Owen has tried all sorts of detergents and stain removers to get rid of the yellow armpit stains on his t-shirts, but none of them worked.

"Raise Armpit Stain Remover" claims that it specifically targets the yellowing, and will remove the stain no matter how long it has been there.

We saturate the stain with "Raise" on two different t-shirts.

Ty rubs in the solution and lets it sit for 20 minutes so that it can penetrate the stain.

We then put the shirts through a standard wash cycle in the washing machine, and then into the dryer.

The "Raise" did significantly lighten the yellow stains, but did not remove them completely.

The manufacturer notes that if a garment has ever been washed or treated with bleach then "Raise" will not work.

We decided to test "Raise" on six more shirts just to be sure, and again it was unable to completely remove the yellow stains - even after two treatments.

If you are looking for a product that will significantly improve the look of your tarnished t-shirts, then "Raise" will definitely get the job done.

But the claim is to remove the stains and not just lighten them, which is why we FAILED "Raise Armpit Stain Remover."

We purchased "Raise Armpit Stain Remover" online for $20 at