Possible Abduction Attempt at Library

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(Bartlett)  A Memphis man is arrested after what police call a possible abduction attempt at the Bartlett Library.

Police say at 3:15 p.m. Friday a teen was waiting on his parents when he was approached by Benjamin Gray.

According to the police report, Gray asked the boy his nationality and he replied "Japanese."

Gray then reportedly told the teen he and "his brother were doing a project on Asians and he would like to talk to him."

The report says Gray then put his hands on the boy's  shoulders and said "he liked Asians.”

Police say he then motioned to a car driven by his brother.

The boy said "he became fearful and believed he may be kidnapped" so he ran back into the library to get away.

When police arrived they say they saw the Gray’s car and stopped it at the exit of the library.

They say Gray got out and ran away, but he didn't get far. After a quick chase police arrested him for simple assault and evading arrest.

He was also arrested on an outstanding warrant for indecent exposure.

News Channel 3 has learned he has long history of those charges from exposing himself behind a ride at a carnival,  to doing the same thing to an officer in the middle of a detention hearing.

We tried to talk to his brother who was in the car with him during this latest incident at the library,  but he didn't want to talk to us.

Parents say what happened should serve as a warning.

"That should be a sign for parents, a wake-up call, don't drop your kids off,” mother of 8 Natasha Brown said