Greg Davis Civil Trial Continues

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Jackson, MS) Karen Swain, an investigator with Mississippi State Auditor's office, testified most of the day in Greg Davis' civil trial which resumed Monday morning.

"He had no documentation or receipts for hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars", said Swain.

Swain testified she questioned the mayor about a trip made to Key West, Florida where he said he met with recruitment executives with GM and helped bring a dealership to Southaven.

Swain stated she questioned the dealership's management about Davis' claim and they knew little about it, "He was not familiar that anyone with GMC had any dealings with the mayor."

City money was used on the trip Davis made with his wife.

Davis expensed purchases made at stores called French Kiss, Flirt and Jungle Paradise.

Swain said Davis told her the purchases were for "entertaining" the executives, but never revealed their identities.

"What kind of situation is this where you entertain businessmen at French Kiss?" she stated.

Swain also found Davis billing both the city and the chamber of commerce for the exact same expenses.

She said the same credit card statements were repeatedly submitted to both organizations.

Swain also testified Davis' administrative assistant Krisiti Faulkner, admitted she used her city computer to make a receipt showing a counseling session was a job related expense.

Swain said Davis submitted the receipt as if it came from the group performing the counseling.

Earlier in the day, Greg Guy, Southaven Alderman, testified that the board of aldermen had met without him.

Guy said a majority of the board voted to approve most of Davis expenses they were asked to review by the state auditor.

Guy said he called a new meeting, explaining to the board they could be held accountable for the owed money.

"I was not willing to pay out of money for expenses the mayor spent," said Guy. "We had a couple of aldermen who would rubber stamp anything he would say, at least two of them are gone now after the election."

Testimony resumes in the case Tuesday.

A number of city employees, aldermen, and Davis himself are expected to take the stand this week.

Wayne Carter is Tweeting from the trial @WayneCarterNews