Memphis T-Shirts Designers Ride Out Playoffs

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(Memphis) T-Shirt designer Tim Flowers started designing Hoop City t-shirts last year and since then his business has quadrupled.

“From starting in our garage with a little machine to now opening up a factory in downtown Memphis,” said Flowers about how quickly his business has grown.

Flowers said he was looking for something to wear that represented what he felt about the Grizzlies.

“You have to be a grizzimanic first and then we get these ideas and put the ideas into shirts,” said Flowers, whose shirts can be found at

Friends Leslie Skelton and Ian Lemmonds also began designing t-shirts last year.

“We started making shirts for ourselves and shirts for our friends and it kind of took off from there,” said Skelton.

“Communities like Oxford, Mississippi really adopted the Grizzlies as their home team. Tupelo, we get a lot of orders from Tupelo. Across the bridge in Arkansas there’s a lot of different fans,” said Skelton.

Lemmonds is behind the designs on the shirts. ”It’s kind of representing Memphis for what we really are which is gritty and blue collar and hard-working,” said Lemmonds.

“We can be a very divided city but the one thing that’s always kind of brought us together is basketball,” Lemmonds added. You can find their shirts at