Changes Coming for Desoto Co. Sheriff’s Department Guns and Ammo

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(Memphis) The Desoto County Sheriff’s Department is changing the ammunition they use for their duty weapons from 9mm to .40 caliber.

The change comes are the department prepares to trade in their 8-year-old guns for new ones.

“We did a test and evaluation during our last qualification, with our weaker shooter using what we currently carry versus 9mm. Their scores significantly improved with the 9mm,” said Chief Deputy Macon Moore Friday.

“We're either going to have to refurbish them or trade them in. At this time with the high demand of handguns we are getting a premium for our trade-ins,” said Moore about the current glocks his 127 deputies use.

Moore said that the ballistics are about the same for the 9mm and .40 caliber.

“Most 9mms travel 930 feet per second and the .40 calibers are 1150 feet per second.  So they are not quite as fast, not quite as big but they will do an effective job,” said Monte Dabbs from Dabbs Gun and Pawn Shop in Southaven.

Chief Moore said the department will save money with the change in ammunition. A case of 9mm bullets is $45 cheaper than a case of .40 caliber rounds.

The department uses anywhere from 80,000-100,000 rounds a year.

Moore said after the Newtown Connecticut shootings and with fear of tougher gun laws, it will take the department 6-8 months to receive the ammunition. It would take months before.