Police Target Parole Violators

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(MEMPHIS) Special Agent Joe Fry and more than one hundred officers went on the hunt for people on parole. They were making sure recently released “risky” offenders are following the rules.

“Everybody we leave here with today, we need to come back with”, reminded Toney Armstrong, Memphis’ Police Director.

Officers divided into teams and hit different sections of the Metro area.  Our cameras were there as officers converged on a house west of the airport.

“Be straight up, Does he sleep here or not?” asked one officer.

They heard excuses but also saw success stories. Unfortunately, when they found someone in violation of parole, there were no arrests unless they were breaking another law.

“Jails are overcrowded now, so we can't just send them back, we have to work with the situation”, said Isaac Braxton.

Officers say it still lets them know who should be on their radar.

“If he's lying about where he's staying there's something happening where he's staying that he doesn't want his Parole officer to see”, said Joe Fry, Special Agent, Department of Corrections, Apprehension and Enforcement Unit.