Shelby County Detective Explains Difficulty in Missing Persons Cases

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(Memphis) Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Kevin Helms has spent years working on missing persons cases.

He says endings like the one in Cleveland, Ohio are rare, “I would always say you have to have hope. If there’s never enough evidence to show that the individual is deceased, in your heart as a family member you know, you think that your family member is still alive."

Lt. Helms said often when he is called on a missing persons case, it is a runaway or someone with dementia or a mental condition.

Occasionally there is foul play.

“We do anything we can to track this person right off the bat and see if there is anything odd or unusual with their daily activity , of course we check all the jails in this area or all the hospitals,” said Helms.

Helms said detectives rely on tips to get find missing persons.

Without those tips the case can grow old.

It’s up to family and friends to keep their loved ones story alive.

“In today’s world with the internet you can go on there. Now a days people are putting up facebook pages,” added Helms.