No Charges Against Parents of Endangered Child

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(Memphis) Cookeville Police said there will likely not be any charges against two parents of a child that was at the center of an Endangered Child Alert Tuesday.

Five month old Ronald Flanigan was reported missing on Monday, May 6.

Cookeville Police Major David Dukes said this all began with a fight between the baby’s parents Sunday, “The allegation is that she had been cut in the vicinity of her eye with a kitchen knife."

Flanigan’s parents Ronald and Amanda Collins were found along with the baby in Memphis Tuesday.

According to Major Duke, the family left Cookeville headed towards Memphis.

What they did not know, is the Tennessee Department of Children Services had a court order to take Flanigan from this parents.

“When we accompanied DCS to serve those papers and remove the hold while they conducted an investigation, we found no one there at that residence in the motel,” said Major Dukes.

Dukes said that is when the Endangered Child Alert was issued.

Once Amanda Collins heard the report on the news, she called police.

“She became aware that an endangered child alert had been issued for her son, she was calling to find out why the alert had been issued,” said Major Dukes.

According to Dukes, DCS has custody of Flanigan, who was found unharmed, until the complete their investigation.

The only charges Ronald or Amanda Collins face will stem from the domestic incident in Cookeville Sunday.