Two Arrested For Possible ID Theft Trafficking

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(Memphis) Suspected criminals busted here in Shelby County may have victimized dozens all over the country.

Two people are now behind bars after police say they stole the identities of more than 60 people.

One other person remains on the run.

The investigation weaves four states into a web of identity theft.

Memphis Police say they stopped a car at Lamar near Perkins for speeding.

After a search of the car, they discovered Lovely Richardson and Orlando Washington had 64 different Oregon Driver's licenses with them.

They were all bogus IDs with different names.

Only pictures of Richardson and another person who escaped from Memphis police were stamped on the licenses
Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirch wouldn’t talk about the details of this investigation, but says in most cases when suspected traffickers are caught with dozens of stolen identities, there's no telling what they are up to.

“We’re seeing more fake IDs being used to purchase cold medicine so people can go home and make meth,” said Weirich.

Weirch tells News Channel 3, ID theft trafficking is a growing problem here.

State law makes punishment for trafficking worse than just normal ID theft because it delivers a bigger blow to victims.

Her office also works with other agencies, both on the state and federal levels to crack down when the web of theft is so big.

Like this one. Richardson and Washington were arrested here, they're from Georgia, their car registered in Texas and the ID's all from Oregon.

Weirch says to protect yourself from ID theft trafficking, be cautious of all your important documents.

“Stow it, don’t show it. Don’t leave that purse in the front of your seat of your car,” said Weirch.

It’s not certain if Richardson and Washington gave police their real names.

News Channel 3 called police departments in Georgia to see if there was a criminal history for either of them.

Police in Georgia say there’s no record for Richardson or Washington.