Life Skills Course Prepares DeSoto Students

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(Southaven, MS) Honor student Erin Ratcliffe knows a lot, but when it comes to things they don’t necessarily teach in school, she’s less certain, ”Like, mortgages. I’ve always heard the word. I heard my parents talk about their mortgage, but I didn’t really know what it was until they taught me it’s actually the loan on a house.”

With the cost of a college education nearly equal to that of a high-end house, she needs every bit of financial advantage she can get.

That’s why the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi and DeSoto Schools introduced students to the “Everfi” computer learning course.

It teaches students important financial “life skills.”

”It’s very applicable to them where they are right now. It includes financing, credit cards and financing higher education, owning versus renting,” explained teacher Angela Moore.

She says there’s almost no part of life and finances, Everfi doesn’t cover.

The Everfi course takes nine hours to complete, and prepares students for a maze of financial twists and turns in their future.

After the debt crisis of the last few years left so many Americans with bad credit and bigger bills, Everi will help ensure these students have the tools to deal with finances as well or better than their parents.

”That’s definitely the point behind it, is for them to be financially independent and secure when they finish college,” said Moore.

These life lessons seem to really have hit home with Erin Ratcliffe.

She’s practically got her whole financial future mapped out, ”I’m planning on paying off some credit cards while I’m in school and I’m working at the same time and I’m hoping pretty much debt-free when I get out.”

How many college graduates these days, can say that?

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