Few Answers in MAPCO Financial Fraud Hacking

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(Memphis)  A day after Mapco announced some of the customer’s financial security could be in jeopardy, the FBI still doesn't know who stole tens of thousands of debit and credit card numbers.

News Channel 3 isn’t getting many answers from MAPCO.

News Channel 3 has received many calls and emails from you about the possibility of your money being in question.

MAPCO is posting links for you to get free credit checks to see if your information was stolen, but other than that customers say they are dropping the ball.

“I come here all the time and I have known nothing about this until I was just told,” said Bryan Heater.

Heater says MAPCO should send out a letter letting people know they're credit and debit card could be in danger, “That speaks to the day an age we`re in as to where we have all this technology and people who are incredible with computers that can anywhere you go get account information from there."

MAPCO says it's trying to be as transparent with customers as it can be, and is working with the FBI to find the person responsible.

The company says it changed security settings so someone can't hack back into the system and steal info, but Ivan Ortiz says that's not enough.

He goes to MAPCO every day and says it should post signs on doors to let people know what's going on.

“I know it kind of brings a bad view to the store but it is good for people to know some inconveniences have happened here,” said Ortiz.

The Memphis branch of the BBB says their best advice is mostly reactive because there is not much you can do to keep your information from being hacked out of a company`s database.

They say you should call your bank and get their advice about what to do with your account.