Unified Schools Jobs in Limbo

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(Memphis) More than a thousand MCS and Shelby County Central Office employees don’t know if they have a job next year.

The district is hiring about 700 of them back, but employees don’t even know when to apply for their job with less than two months until they are to report for duty.

About three hundred positions are being cut here because of the school merger and the people who work at central office start work in less than two months.

The only problem is they don’t know if they have a job or not, and some wont any time soon.

The district must have the central office staff in place by July first when Shelby County and Memphis Schools officially merge.

News Channel 3 tried to ask both districts about the lack of progress but both say they're done talking about the merger.

Interim superintendent Dorsey Hopson even walked by us at the central office, but says he doesn't want to do an interview.

He is talking to people who work for him.

Hopson sent out a letter to central staff employees in March explaining they would have to reapply for their jobs because of the merger.

Some, but not all of them would get their job back.

The unified district split the staff into three different groups and is looking at candidates in order of priority.

The district is now taking applications for all department directors as part of the first phase.

The district says candidates will be interviewed over the next couple of weeks, so the last phase probably won`t be able to apply until the end of May, just one month until they do or don`t have a job.

So around 300 people will be out of a job by July first.

Some central office staff members will have less than a month to find a new job if they find themselves in that position.