Flooding Fears in West Tennessee

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(Lauderdale County) People all over West Tennessee are keeping a close eye on the rising Mississippi River.

Residents in Lauderdale County are bracing rising water.

Some are still rebuilding after the historic flood of 2011.

"My concern is just having to leave home again. You know, I don't like having to move out of my home," says Demetria Reynolds.

Reynolds and her husband William speak for a lot of people who live along Highway 19 west of Ripley, Tennessee.

The section of Lauderdale County, known as "The Bottoms", is the first place floodwaters hit when the Mississippi River overflows.

It happened in 2011, when dozens of homes were destroyed.

"It had a basement and the porch on it was about eight or nine foot off the ground. The water was even with the window sills on the house...on the inside," William Reynolds said.

Today, the Reynolds family lives in a mobile home on a platform high off the ground.

They're hoping they don't see a repeat of 2011, but the Mississippi River has already flooded hundreds of acres of farmland and washed out several roads.

Access to a neighborhood on Highway 19 is cut off. Water is creeping closer to homes that were rebuilt after 2011.

"From what I'm hearing on the news and from watching  the water coming up, I'm thinking it is going to be as bad, James Bates said.

Bates spent Friday trying to catch buffalo fish as they swim across the highway.

He's being careful he and his family don't get trapped.

"It's getting higher. We were just further down in the bottom and some of the places we went into, we had to cross the water to get back out."