Flood Warning and Cold Temps Make for Weird May

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(Memphis) Flood warnings have popped up all along the Mississippi River, and a cold, rainy forecast throws a wrench in the weekend’s festivities.

WREG’s chief weather anchor, Tim Simpson, said, “I don’t think we’re going to repeat what we had last year, but lots of people along the Mississippi River, that have interests there, property, crops, be on the alert for flooding.”

Friday night also brought a record low temperature, as skies started to clear up after a day of heavy rain.

Several multi-car wrecks lined the highways and multiple reports came in of trees falling across roads.

In South Memphis, two women were driving when a tree suddenly crashed down across their path.

“We had to hit brakes but it was too late. It hit the car and fell on the front part, and we ran on top of it,” said Latoya Jackson.

She added, “It was real scary, like I thought we were going to lose our life almost.”

In East Memphis, another tree crashed near Park and Perkins, blocking a section of the road.

While one can never be prepared for a random tree falling down, many were simply unprepared for the downpour.

Logan Strachan at Outdoors Inc., said that they had a flood of customers Friday.

“We had a huge stack of men’s boots. And you can see in just a few hours we were all wiped out. Then I had moved all of our ponchos up here, and this table was covered with ponchos, and now we’re just down to the select few. We’ve already sold out of some styles. People are continually coming through and getting more,” Strachan said.