Four Charged In Shooting Of Helena-West Helena, AR Radio Station Owner

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(Helena-West Helena, AR) Police in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas charge four people in connection with the shooting of a local radio station owner.

Elijah Mondy, owner of Christian Radio K J I W FM, was shot while trying to help a man lying in the street Monday morning.

Now two adults and two juveniles are in jail with multi-million dollar bonds.

The arrests are bringing some comfort to the victim's family.

"He's doing a lot better than he was, but he's still in critical condition. They're still monitoring him, but he is stable."

Elijah Mondy the third is encouraged by the progress his father Elijah senior is making, as he recovers from the shooting.

Mondy is even more encouraged by the arrests of four people charged with attempted armed robbery.

Helena-West Helena Police say 20-year old Fredrick Willis was lying on the side of Porter Street early Monday morning, pretending to be hurt.

Elijah Mondy and his wife stopped to help Willis, but police say that's when Frank Ross, Junior and two juveniles came out of the darkness.

They were armed and tried to rob the Mondys.

One shot was fired as Mrs. Mondy drove away and it struck her husband in the chest.

The victim's son says his parents were just being Good Samaritans, "I just felt angry that somebody could take advantage of somebody who was trying to help them."

The four suspects are in jail on bond ranging from 3.5-million to 4-million dollars.

Elijah Mondy the third believes the high bond sends a strong message, "I think anytime a person has such disregard for somebody's life, they shouldn't be walking the streets. I was happy when I found out how high it was, because they're not going to be able to make that bond."

Since the shooting, family members have taken to the airwaves, updating K J I W listeners on their father's condition.

And even in this time of tragedy they are hoping the spirit of God will reach those charged in the crime,

Elijah Mondy told us, "All we can really do is just pray for the guys. Pray that God will save them."

Police say Fredrick Willis was identified by a driver who was nearly robbed in the same manner as the Mondys.

Police say the two juveniles will be charged as adults and all are set to appear in Phillips County Circuit Court in June.