Cadaver Dogs Ride Boats In Search For Mississippi Teen

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(LaFayette Co., MS) It’s day two in the search for a north Mississippi teen who disappeared sometime Monday night.

That’s when investigators with the Lafayette County Sheriffs office in Oxford say Tyler Emerick left work saying he didn’t feel well.

He was seen on surveillance cameras at two different Walmart stores.

Wednesday, his truck was found along the Profit River.

His wallet and cell phone were still inside.

Volunteers turned out by the dozens to help in the search.

The Search team, along with dozens of volunteers, started searching about 8:00 a.m. Thursday morning.

“I just come down to help volunteer, to help find the boy because they needed as much help as they can get to find him and I hope for the best. When we find him, I hope he’s alive,” said Frank “Cotton” Strickland.

Still, dogs used to sniff out human remains were brought to the scene.

They road along with officers searching the water.

“They found a couple of deep holes yesterday and they’re using the dive team to search a couple of deep holes around the tree top,” said Investigator Jarrett Bundren, LaFayette Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Bundren said the teen was familiar with this fishing spot and had been her last week with family members.

Those who know him also say he’s a good swimmer.

“We’ve been on all four sides of the river. No sign. No foot tracks,” said friend, Cody Harmon.

Justin Poynor added, ” I ain’t seen nothing. We been through the stick stuff and we still didn’t see nothing. ”

We asked how long the search will last.

Bundren said, “Till we come up with something different to lead us in a different direction.”

Officials plan to search by helicopter Friday.

Weather did not permit its use today.