Large Wild Feline Roaming Wooded Area In Blytheville, AR

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(Blytheville, AR) A large wild feline has made its home in a wooded area in Blytheville, Arkansas.

Tuesday, a man was able to snap pictures of the large cat sitting at the edge of a treeline near the old Blytheville Air Force Base.

Some people say it's a large bobcat, a cougar or maybe a mountain lion.

Whatever it is, it has people talking.

Tuesday, Kendall Berry snapped a picture of what he first thought was a mountain lion, "I was driving into town and I saw this large animal over here. And I pulled off and grabbed my camera."

The animal was sitting along a tree line near the old Blytheville Air Force Base.

Berry was careful not to make any sudden moves, "It kept its distance. of course I kept my distance. I didn't want to just go run up and say, here kitty, kitty and all that."

He says the feline could very well be a cougar or large bobcat, but it was hard to tell during its brief appearance, "And I got another photo. But I think it's a different animal. I think we've got two...a male and female cougar out here."

In a nearby golf pro-shop, Berry's picture is a hot topic.

Tony Peterson works at Thunder Bayou Golf Links.

He says it's not the first time someone has spotted a large feline in the area, but the first time one has been photographed, "About three years ago I saw a mother with three cubs. And periodically we see them running across our entrance area."

Van Rhodes, who also works at the golf course, says the sightings have never stopped play, "I saw it walk out of this woods right here and walk across right here where you see the bayou there. And it just looked like a large dog."

Some people who live nearby are reconsidering their outdoor activities.

Charles Moody lives near the ditch where the "big cat" was spotted Tuesday, "And just the other day I had one of my grandchildren out by the ditch bank. And we were just looking at the water, just enjoying nature. And now I'm thinking that I'm going to be a little bit more careful about that."

Blytheville Police are concerned because it appears someone is leaving scraps of food for the "big cat."

So far the animal hasn't posed a threat.

But police say the public should not approach it and let police or animal control take charge.