Dad of Teen Killed Attacked During Interview

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(Memphis) Emotions are running high in an Orange Mound neighborhood where a teenager was shot and killed.

Fighting has been going on between a family and their former landlord for weeks.

Tuesday, officers were hanging out in the area near Pendleton and Spottswood to keep the peace after the 15-year-old boy died.

Stuffed animals lined the utility pole near where Corderious Webb was shot and killed as adults argued around him.

“Corderious was a peacemaker,” said Angel Scott, the boy’s sister. “Anybody around here could tell you that and he was going around there to make peace with these people.”

The teen's sister, Angel Scott, says the feud between the woman and her family started after Scott was evicted several weeks ago by the woman.

She says Corderius was watching, Monday, as his brothers and uncles argued with the woman over the eviction. She says that’s when a woman came out of the house shooting frantically.

“By him just sitting there on his bike, she shot him off his bike,” said Scott.

The accused shooter claims she doesn't even have a gun.

She says someone with Corderious shot up the house when the boy was hit.

The woman was interviewed by police and released with no charges filed.

The family says justice isn’t being served in a neighborhood where tensions are already high.

Tensions went from high to hostile as News Channel 3 interviewed Corderius' father.

A man attacked Calvin McKissack while our camera were recording.

It’s not clear who the man was or why he attacked, but he had been drinking.

The family says the attack only adds insult to injury over a boy whose life has already been lost, a peacemaker in a neighborhood that could use a little peace.